Experience a unique getaway and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. 
Wake up to a true African sunrise, indulge in delicious cuisine, and cool down with a refreshing drink at the swimming pool constructed of natural rocks.
Ugab Terrace Lodge can’t wait to welcome you and make you feel at home!
Ugab Terrace Lodge is set deep in the heart of a rare and untouched mystery situated within Namibia’s famous tourist attractions.
Explore the most memorable sunset and sunrise with the most breathtaking view on Earth of a panoramic sight over open valleys and ancient terraces formed by water corrosion millions of years ago.
If you are feeling adventurous, join us for an adrenaline rush on one of the longest Zip Lines in the world or for a true African experience; visit the historical rock paintings and a view over one of the last Rock fingers, “Vinger Klip ” in the world.
Experience the breath-taking view at Ugab Terrace Lodge.
Follow the rhythms of the seasons, and whether your interests are bird watching or just getting away from it all, you too will find that you are woven into this same rhythm.
Welcome to Ugab Terrace Lodge, situated in the heart of the best tourism country, approximately 430 km from Windhoek.
We provide an ideal setting for relaxation in the bush.
Namibia is a world on its own! We offer perfect tranquillity, superb accommodation and exquisite cuisine to make your stay with us a memorable experience.
Indulge yourself in the breathtaking view at Ugab Terrace Lodge and the overwhelming experience of cooling down in a swimming pool constructed in the rocks at the top of the mountain.
Treat yourself to a walk in nature to experience our lustrous vegetation at Ugab Terrace Lodge.
Whilst enjoying the impressive sunrise and sunsets from the balcony of your Bungalow, you allow yourself to once again come into contact with endless tranquillity and peace of mind. Once you have experienced the serenity of nature, you will understand why we believe that when you visit our Lodge, you must be very close to heaven….
Namibia is the country to begin your African journey. The daily life is very European, but when in nature, you realize that you are away from the fast lane of life.
The food and drinks, the experience of sitting next to an open fire and the smell of Steak, or Oryx, sizzling on the coals are palatable to European standards.
At Ugab Terrace Lodge, we cater for those who would like to stay in the luxury of a well-furnished bungalow in African style or camp with your own camping gear at our campsite.

Lodge Facilities


Ugab Terrace Lodge comfortably accommodates 32 guests in 16 Chalets


Campsites situated against the incline at the foot of a hill overlooking the Ugab Terraces and valley with Mopani trees and rocks providing shade

Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a refreshing drink at our bar and indulge our delicious cuisine that our restaurant has to offer

Variety of Activities

Zip Line | Guided Walking Trails | Rockart Excursion | Bird-Watching | Stargazing

Breathtaking Landscapes

Experience the mystery of Africa with the fantastic panoramic sight over open valleys and ancient terraces formed by water corrosion millions of years ago

Air Conditioning

Our Chalets have been equipped with Air Conditioners for your maximum comfort

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Cool down in our beautiful outdoor pool, constructed by natural rocks

Laundry Services

Our housekeeping team is ready to assist with freshly washed laundry

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